Appointed by Technical Committee on Steel of Standardization Committee of China, Youfa led and participated in the preparation of 7 national standards, including recently enacted national standards on steel-plastic composite pipes and industrial standards for pipes for use on scaffolds, GB/T3091 (Welded Steel Pipes for Low Pressure Liquid Delivery) , industrial standards CJ/T120 (Coating plastic steel pipe for water supply), CECS205 (Technical Specification for Stainless Steel Lined Composite Steel Pipeline Engineering of Water Supply) and industrial standards for shaped welded steel pipes.  All Youfa products are in complete compliance with the latest national standards.

Innovation is the power driving enterprise development. Through practices for years, Youfa has developed independently its “Automated packing machine” in the industry. Youfa is also owner of a number of innovations including the “multiple push-pull rods” and “Hot pipe waste heat recovery and evaporator”, among which the “Hot pipe waste heat recovery and evaporator” project was officially accepted as an “Important specialized and science and engineering pilot project in Tianjin” in 2015. By the end of 2015, the whole group company has 23 patents for invention and another 18 patents that have been filed and are in process of approval.

The unyielding Youfa staff, taking “Outdoing myself, benefiting partners, Centennial Youfa, and harmony through joint efforts” as their missions, always practice the core values of “mutual benefits based on good faith and joint efforts based on ethics”. By carrying forward the spirit of “self-control,altruism, cooperation and forward-looking”, we will joint our hands and spare no efforts to build Youfa Steel Pipe into a respectable enterprise!

Youfa steel pipes, circulating and supporting the world!

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