In February 2018, the total monthly output of our company ASTM 795 fire sprinkler pipe reached a new high, breaking the record of the highest highest since the establishment of the factory, 11% higher than the historical record. This is another breakthrough in breaking through the historical record in July. This achievement embodies the hard work of all the employees of our company, and is the crystallization of their due diligence, hard work, and also reflects the company’s employment mechanism. Innovative adjustments in adjustment, employee skill development, and improvement of the manufacturing process.
In terms of the employment mechanism, external factors such as long working hours and inconvenient transportation have led to large staff turnover and unstable team members, which has affected the production capacity of the team. Under the coordinated efforts of the group and company leaders, the preferential policies for employing people have been improved, the problem of personnel turnover has been solved, and the workforce has been stabilized. In order to help new employees grasp post-related skills as soon as possible, mobilize and encourage old employees to exert subjective initiative, the company has set up a work evaluation team to carry out post technical requirements and operational specifications for new employees who have been helped by old employees and have been working for one month. Appraisal and evaluation of skills, after the assessment is qualified, the old employees are encouraged from the spiritual and material aspects. This has stimulated the subjective initiative and creativity of employees, and changed “I want to do” to “I want to do so, so as to give full play to the potential of employees, improve job skills and employee responsibility, improve work efficiency, and lay the foundation for stable and efficient production of various production lines.

In addition, the ASTM 795 fire sprinkler pipe making process has been improved. The large-scale unit adopts the milling process to ensure the working width and reduce the defects such as wrong side and large diameter. The small unit adopts the steel brush process. During the advancement of the steel strip, Elimination of rust and impurities, to ensure the quality of the steel strip to the seam, in addition, the flux is heated and the electrode is dried. After this improvement, the company’s output and product quality have been improved.After X-ray non-destructive testing, the weld quality of the company’s products has reached a new level. The article comes from

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