China International fire sprinker pipe Conference was held

Since its inception in 2002, China International Pipeline Conference has developed into a platform for product display and exchange in the pipeline industry in Asia after eight successful sessions. At the China International Pipeline Conference held on April 12, 2016, our company also participated as an important exhibitor and shared with more than 350 pipeline industry companies and individuals from 27 countries including China, the United States, Germany, France and Australia. This time-the feast of the pipeline industry, showcasing cutting-edge technology and new products, discussing industry development, deepening cooperation and exchange, and promoting the sustainable development of the domestic fire sprinkler pipe industry. And a perfect curtain call.

In this exhibition, our company vigorously promotes independent research and development products <steel-plastic composite pipe> series, <container-type uncompensated thermal steel-plastic composite pipe> series, and high-grade water-lined plastic composite pipe series and corrugated steel-plastic composite pipe series.

During the exhibition, the exhibition attracted the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Energy Bureau, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation and Materials Purchasing Department, Sinopec Group and its subsidiaries, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and its subsidiaries, Sinochem Group, China Coal Group, and various provinces and cities. Companies, power companies, heating companies, communications companies, municipal engineering companies and other nearly 100 tour groups visited the procurement, professional audience of more than 20,000 people.

Academicians, experts and engineers from various research institutes gathered at our booth to discuss and discuss.

Cui Jiangshui, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference; Huang Weihe, vice president of China National Petroleum Corporation; academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Wang Xiaodong, secretary of the municipal party committee, Jia Yongqing, member of the municipal party committee and deputy mayor; and Juan, secretary general of the International Pipeline and Marine Contractors Association Asuaga, President of the International Pipeline Research Association, Cliff Johnson; General Manager of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Branch, Bai Yuguang, General Manager of China Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Branch, Zhang Yuliang, Dean of China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Technology Research Institute, Party Secretary Zhang Champion, Meng Fanchun, deputy general manager of Central Asia Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd., Peng Yuanzheng, vice president and secretary general of China Petroleum Enterprise Association, Rong Shili, chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Exploration and Design Association, and Yu Hong, secretary general of China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association Li, Shi Dianyi, General Manager of Sinopec Xinjiang Coal-to-Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd., General Manager of Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. Zuo Yujiu, General Manager of China National Petroleum Corporation Pipeline Branch Ding Jianlin, Director of China Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Bureau Zhao Yujian Wait 400 The Chinese and foreign guests attended the visit to the innovative technology products of this exhibition.

Cui Jiangshui, deputy secretary and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, introduced the new products to Mr. Fei Minjian, the chairman of the Board of Directors. The leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the Bureau of the Pipeline Bureau gave a high degree of recognition and praise to the innovative scientific research products. The local TV station made an in-depth interview with Mr. Fei Minjian, the president.

During the three-day exhibition, the Group also introduced our company’s cutting-edge technology, as well as innovative technologies in the fields of pipeline new technology products, maintenance, and industry 4.0. Joint discussion on the new trends and new paths of the ASTM 795 fire sprinkler pipe industry transformation and upgrading, for us to adhere to innovation and development, comprehensively enhance industrial competitiveness, promote technological innovation and exchanges and cooperation in the pipeline industry at home and abroad, and showcased in major enterprises and guests. The power and splendor of you.

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