Introduction to the advantages of mine pipes

Mine is inspecting &controlling in ordinary steel pipe sandblasting, sulfide, on the basis of surface treatment, according to the working environment, working pressure, conveying medium, such as conditions, mining polyethylene polymer powder materials, through specific coating equipment to be evenly coated on the pipe surface, after plasticizing and curing the form a layer of uniform, dense, smooth plastic coating, become a kind of new gangsu composite tube. The plastic composite steel pipe for mining integrates the mechanical properties of steel with the chemical corrosion resistance of plastic coating, which is very suitable for gas drainage and water supply pipeline in large mines.

The steel-plastic composite pipe for mining has the following advantages:

  1. Excellent antistatic performance of the steel-plastic composite pipe for mining

Its inside and outside surface resistance 1 x 106 or less Ω, meet and exceed national and industry standards

  1. Flame retardant performance

Mine polyethylene powder material added with flame retardant, its flame retardant performance index in line with national standards. And its steel-plastic composite structure, flame retardant performance is better than pure plastic pipe, suitable for underground flammable, explosive and other places.

3, the steel and plastic composite pipe for mining has excellent mechanical properties, can withstand harsh conditions of use

4, corrosion resistance, no scaling

Corrosion resistance, no scaling, especially suitable for underground transportation of high sulfur water and water containing calcium and magnesium plasma. The steel-plastic composite pipe of mine can save maintenance cost and its service life is much higher than other pipes.

  1. Convenient and reliable connection

The plastic composite steel pipe for mining has completely overcome the disadvantage of the difficult connection of pure plastic pipes for mining. According to the need, flanges and quick joints can be used to connect with the original underground steel pipes and valves, which has a strong interchangeability.

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