Passivation process of spiral welded pipe

The quality of the spiral pipe passivation film will directly affect the service life of the part and the appearance of the product.

What are the reasons for the uneven thickness of the spiral welded pipe?

The wall thickness of the spiral welded pipe is uniform and looks good. The force is uniform and durable. The wall thickness of the spiral welded pipe is uneven. The steel pipe is unevenly stressed.

FBE coated pipe

What needs to be done on the surface of the spiral steel pipe

Spiral welded pipes are often seen in the pipeline industry. They are rust-proof, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, and have strong environmental adaptability. The diameter can be customized according to actual conditions, so it is well received by everyone in the pipe industry.

Correct degaussing method of spiral welded pipe

The GB/T9711.2 and APISpec5L standards all have clear requirements for the remanence of the spiral welded pipe, so it is necessary to master the method of degaussing the spiral welded pipe.

FBE coated pipe

Measures corresponding to the wrong side of spiral welded pipe

Regarding the analysis of the corresponding measures for the wrong side of the spiral welded pipe, our company’s spiral welded pipe and spiral pipe manufacturers expressed their opinions on the topic of analyzing the measures corresponding to the wrong side of the spiral welded pipe.

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China International fire sprinker pipe Conference was held

Since its inception in 2002, China International Pipeline Conference has developed into a platform for product display and exchange in the pipeline industry in Asia after eight successful sessions.

Our ASTM A795 fire sprinkler pipe supports Hainan people’s post-disaster construction

On February 3, 2015, Hainan Futong Steel Sales Co., Ltd., our company’s agent in Hainan, completed the handover ceremony for the donation of steel pipes in Haikou City after the disaster, marking the group’s assistance in the reconstruction of the people in the disaster area.

FBE coated pipe

ASTM A795 fire sprinkler pipe hits record highs per month

In February 2018, the total monthly output of our company ASTM 795 fire sprinkler pipe reached a new high, breaking the record of the highest highest since the establishment of the factory, 11% higher than the historical record.

FBE coated pipe

User acceptance of underground sprinkler pipe continues to increase

In February 2018, under the leadership of Yan Shutao, the deputy general manager of Hebei Branch and Li Wenzhi, the sales department of steel and plastics, the total sales volume of underground sprinkler pipe reached a record high, up 21.03%