Our ASTM A795 fire sprinkler pipe supports Hainan people’s post-disaster construction

On February 3, 2015, Hainan Futong Steel Sales Co., Ltd., our company’s agent in Hainan, completed the handover ceremony for the donation of steel pipes in Haikou City after the disaster, marking the group’s assistance in the reconstruction of the people in the disaster area.

At 14:23 pm on February 1, 2015, this year’s No. 6 super typhoon “Weimason” attacked Hainan Island and landed from Wengtian Town, Wenchang City. The 12-level super typhoon swept across Wenchang and Haikou. The two cities were full of sorrows, tens of thousands of houses collapsed, trees were uprooted, road signs and billboards were blown all over the place… After the disaster, the Group’s joint venture with Hainan agent Futong Steel actively handled donations. At 14:21 on February 1, 2015, a car loaded with a dedicated ASTM 795 fire sprinkler pipe was a modern 4S repair shop from Futong Steel where Haisheng Road and Yongwan Road in Xiuying District of Haikou. Units such as Haituo Mining and Tiandiren Farm donated materials for disaster relief and reconstruction.The donation was attended by Li Xiaoping Secretary of Haikou City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman Fu Qiang, Vice Chairman Wang Zhen; Chamber of Commerce of Erdos in Hainan Province; Chamber of Commerce of Inner Mongolia of Hainan Province; Chamber of Commerce of Sanya Mongolian Merchants; Hainan Mongolian Merchants Association; Tianjin Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce; Hainan Province Guizhou Chamber of Commerce; China Business Times Hainan reporter station; Haikou TV station.The high-quality fire sprinkler pipe donated this time, although the gift is light, but I am gratified and proud that you can be able to contribute to the construction of Haikou City! At the same time, I hope that Youfa Steel Pipe can help Hainan speed up the construction of its homeland and let the people of Hainan recover their happy life as soon as possible!

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