Shipments of fire extinguikler pipe China started to improve this week after the Lantern Festival.

After the Lantern Festival, the construction site started one after another, traders feedback, the shipment situation improved significantly compared to the previous few days, the inventory is almost in and out of the state. On the inventory side, some traders gradually reduced inventory, but still able to support the shipment, but also considering the purchase. At present, the northern pipe factory has reduced its inventory and some specifications are not complete. It is expected that the fire sprinkler pipe China will run ina narrow range in the short term.
Pipe factory: on the 22nd, the mainstream price of fire sprinkler pipe China was temporarily stable, now it is 57*3.5 linyi (cold pipe)4950 yuan/ton, 108*4.5 linyi 4600 yuan/ton, the price is stable compared with February 15.
Raw material: 22, shandong hot-rolled tube rounds up 50, Φ straight tax: 75-130 steel plant LuLi 4030, 4030, Jiang Xin days steel 4050, prices fell on February 15, 30 yuan/tons.
22, jiangsu hot rolling pipe billet temporary stability, 20# huai steel 4260 yuan/ton, zhongtian 4180 yuan/ton, longteng 4170 yuan/ton, long strong 4160 yuan/ton, Oriental 4130, the above cash price since February 15 down 20~50 yuan/ton.
Market: the price of fire sprinkler pipe China in the northeast market is generally stable with little change this week. This week, the price of pipe billet has declined. On 22nd, the price of pipe billet in shandong has recovered. However, the price of seamless pipe in linyi continues to run stably. Although the major traders in northeast China have started to work formally, due to the special geographical environment in northeast China, the market shipment is almost the same as before the Spring Festival, and the market shipment is poor. The downstream demand of erw steel pipe in northeast China is still very poor. The recent northeast region seamless pipe does not have the basis for price increases, is expected to late more narrow amplitude swing.

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