hdpe lined steel pipe

HDPE lined steel pipe

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Price:FOB,CIF,CFR
  • Min order: 5 tons
  • Technical:erw
  • Material: HDPE/PE


Based on, plain carbon steel pipe lined with chemical excellent thermoplastic plastic, the cold tensile or roll forming, it has both the mechanical properties of steel pipe and plastic pipe corrosion resistance, low scale, not easy to the characteristics of the microbial growth, is the transmission of acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gases such as ideal medium pipeline. It is widely used in chemical, biological, electric power, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, environmental protection and other fields, It is to replace rubber porcelain, glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel and plastic lining ideal material in – 20 ℃ — 105 ℃.

We  produce a full range of  HDPE lined steel pipe in:

  • ERW black or hot-dipped galvanised
  • Specification:DN15-DN500
  • Thickness of PE(polyethylene) coating: 400um – 1000um
  • Temperature:-20℃—–80℃
  • Connection: screw fastener (dn15-dn100), groove (dn65-dn400), flange (applicable for any caliber), welding type, bimetallic connection, socket, pipe joint, sealing connection, etc
  • When the pipe is threaded, the working pressure of the system ≤1.0MPa.Threaded connections are used;when the working pressure of the system is between 1.0MPa and 1.6MPa,It is advisable to apply (liner) plastic seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe or ductile iron plastic pipe fitting, flange connection or groove connection;
    when the working pressure of the system is between 1.6mpa and less than 2.5mpa,It is advisable to apply seamless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe or plastic lined cast steel pipe fitting. Use flanged or grooved connections.

    Size about HDPE lined steel pipe

DN Lined coating Flange coating Outsitde coating
Thickness(min) Tolerance Thickness Tolerance Thickness(min)
15 1.5mm ±0.2mm 1.0mm min:-0.5mm 0.5mm
20 0.6mm
25 0.7mm
32 0.8mm
40 1.0mm
50 1.1mm
65 1.1mm
80 2.0mm ±0.2mm 1.5mm 1.2mm
100 1.3mm
125 1.4mm
150 2.5mm ±0.2mm 2.0mm min:-0.5mm 1.5mm
200 min:-0.5mm 2.0mm
250 3mm 2.5mm
300 2.2mm
500 2.5mm

Advantage of HDPE lined steel pipe

1. Wide application range and complete specification variety;

2. Unique production process;

3. Reliable and rapid connection method;

4. Perfect anti-corrosion measures and beautiful appearance;

5. Reasonable design of wall thickness of outer welded pipe;

6. The wall thickness of the plastic tube inside the inner layer is reasonable, ensuring the diameter of the pass-through;

7. Energy conservation and environmental protection, with great potential for development;


Some cases of HDPE lined steel pipe:

1. Henan yongyin chemical industry co., LTD. Annual output: 160,000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda and 200,000 tons of PVC project liner (PO) pipes

2. Project of China chemical engineering construction co., LTD

3. Guiyang valve electromechanical co., LTD. (modification of lined pipe) project

4. Hunan shimen machinery parts factory (modification of lined pipe) project

5. Hubei yunsheng wujiao chemical co., LTD. (modification of lined pipe) project

6. Shuozhou senyuan trading co., LTD. (water treatment modification of lined pipe) project

7. Chongqing machinery development co., LTD. (water treatment modification of lined pipe) project

8. Pingdingshan materials co., LTD. (water treatment line modification) project

9. Shanghai industry and trade co., LTD. (sewage treatment line modification) project

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