The development mode of our country steel pipe faces adjustment and change

China’s economic aggregate has been relatively large, the growth of the working-age population has gradually slowed down, the resource and environmental constraints have gradually strengthened, the development model is facing adjustment and transformation, the potential growth level of the ms pipe coated economy may experience a period of slowdown in the process. While maintaining steady economic growth, we need to pay more attention to the quality and sustainability of growth.

How to find new demand highlights in the sluggish market, sluggish demand, in fact, vigorously develop and develop high-end 3lpe coated pipes is the best choice, but also with the later national improvement and development of steel industry policy consistent.

In the future, the market demand of plastic composite steel pipe in China still has a large space for improvement. It will support the stable development of the domestic steel tube market and the market situation is still to be expected. Domestic coated steel pipe steel pipe market and not as expected by the steel traders gradually ease, and even show a violent decline, the state of mind trough. Tu plastic steel pipe steel pipe market is ultimately difficult to get rid of the demand is not prosperous, flat trading, depressed state of mind.

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