The market price trend of steel fire sprinkler pipe in north China this week was relatively stable

The market price trend of steel fire sprinkler pipe in north China this week was relatively stable, and the market did not change much. According to the feedback of traders, the goods were generally delivered this week, and the transaction was not as expected. At present, most of the downstream construction sites did not resume work in large areas, and the quantity of terminal goods was limited. In terms of the current ms pipe market, the “golden three” market is coming soon, and the downstream construction sites will resume one after another. At that time, the terminal demand may increase. Add to this week’s inventory accumulation pressure is not obvious, businesses have a certain market expectations in March. In addition, the positive policy stimulus has made the market more optimistic, and it is expected that the fire extinguisher pipe in north China market may rise slightly in the short term.

[northwest] steel fire sprinkler pipe prices were steady and volume was light this week. As of press time, the mainstream price of 219*6steel fire sprinkler pipe in xi ‘an market was 5,200 yuan/ton. The price of 219*6steel fire sprinkler pipe in lanzhou market was 5,100 yuan per ton.

As for the astm a795 pipes factory, linyi factory’s listed price was stable. As of press time, the mainstream manufacturer steel fire sprinkler pipe’s price was 4,900 yuan/ton, and the mainstream hot-rolled pipe’s price was 4,600 yuan/ton, maintaining a stable price. It is reported that the recent overall market shocks to adjust, and co., LTD., manufacturer, said the recent tube billet is still tense, and price rises in most manufacturers, traders are most preferred digest itself causes a decline in the recent replenishment inventory, manufacturers still have pressure, merchants, said after the market direction, the downstream replenishment is not positive, most merchants holds wait-and-see attitude on afternoon, low on inventory.

Steel fire sprinkler pipe prices on the southwest market were stable and trading volume was moderate this week. As of March 1, each region Φ 108 * 4.5 mmsteel fire sprinkler pipe at 5050-5200 yuan/ton; Yunnan-guizhou region Φ 219 * 6 mm to 5400 yuan/ton, above all is weighing the tax-inclusive price.

Raw material: 1, shandong hot-rolled tube billet consolidation, Φ straight tax: 75-130 – mm steel plant of shandong LuLi at 3980 yuan/ton, linyi Jiang Xin at 3980 yuan/ton, tianjin days steel to 4000 yuan/ton.

Tube factory aspects: 1, linyi pe lined pipe mainstream prices temporarily stabilized, now 57 * 3.5 mm Φ linyi (cold tube) to 4950 yuan/ton, 108 * 4.5 mm Φ linyi at 4600 yuan/ton.

Market: this week, the price trend of the southwest market is relatively stable, and traders are still able to make a deal. At present, the inventory is in a flat state. Some of the goods ordered before the Spring Festival, and some of them are newly purchased goods. From the current market situation, the market profit is relatively thin, traders on the market more cautious, the market was wait-and-see attitude. Affected by the environmental protection policy, the market price will be a wave of next week, the market is expected to become stronger next week.

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