The price of m.pipe continues to rise

Today billet factory price has fluctuated, per ton down 100 yuan/ton. But the price of m.s. pipe manufacturer has gone up instead. Now the price of raw materials cannot stop the price quotation. In the short term, it can be said that the raw materials have been lowered, but the inventory of m.s. pipe cannot keep up with the current situation. Therefore, even if the price of raw materials is lowered, the price of steel and plastic composite pipes will not follow the price of m.s. pipe raw materials.

The problem of environmental protection continues to be heating up, and only a few large-scale m.s. pipe factories are still in slow operation. The above situation directly causes the price of m.s. pipe to keep soaring. The best news is that the price of m.s. pipe has stabilized, but the price of m.s. pipe has continued to rise, which is due to “panic” for fear of a sharp rise or a direct decline.

Based on the above comprehensive analysis, if the billet price is lowered again, some m.s. pipe merchants begin to consider a small price reduction. So not eager to buy the terminal business, can be properly observed in a few days to make a decision.

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