User acceptance of underground sprinkler pipe continues to increase

In February 2018, under the leadership of Yan Shutao, the deputy general manager of Hebei Branch and Li Wenzhi, the sales department of steel and plastics, the total sales volume of underground sprinkler pipe reached a record high, up 21.03% from the previous month, exceeding the sales target and creating steel and plastic. A new record for monthly sales of composite pipes.

Beginning in 2018, the demand for steel-plastic composite pipe market has slowly increased. Since June, the growth of market demand has accelerated, and in July, it has ushered in a new upsurge in demand. In the face of a good market situation, the company formulated corresponding sales policies, sales cadres increased market expansion efforts, and actively communicated with customers, laying the foundation for the company’s sales growth. In order to meet the increasing demand and complete the specification of various steel-plastic composite pipes, the supply department coordinated and actively allocated the supply of raw materials; the employees of the production cadres took the initiative to increase the horsepower and resist the high temperature in the absence of personnel. , the battle of the heat, fully equipped with the delivery of steel fire sprinkler pipe

The quality inspection department is facing a shortage of supply that is in short supply, does not release water, does not relax, and strictly controls quality according to internal control quality standards. It is in the close cooperation and mutual cooperation of all departments of the company that the steel-plastic composite pipe is delivered to customers in various quality and quantity. Therefore, the creation of the new sales record is not only the company’s correct management and management policy, the natural result of the sales cadre accurately analyzing the market and grasping the market opportunity in time, but also a review of the daily preparations for the company’s various departments, and the fire sprinkler pipe was More and more users recognize and trust the specific embodiment。

Customer recognition is the best incentive for us. Such achievements are not our ultimate goal. They only encourage them to be more confident in their product manufacturing philosophy of “grasping quality and service” and motivate them to join hands with customers to the holy place. Firmly and steadily continue to move forward!

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