We apply for the export enterprise fire fire pipe commodity inspection second-class enterprise

According to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, “Administrative Measures for the Classification of Exported Industrial Products Enterprises” (General Administration Order No. 113) and “Guidelines for the Classification of Exported Industrial Products Enterprises (Trial)”, in accordance with the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau’s “Regulations on the Classification and Management of Exported Industrial Products Enterprises (Trial) “” requires that Tianjin industrial product production export enterprises can declare and implement enterprise classification management.

The classification management of export enterprises is based on the production conditions, management level, inspection capability, product quality status, product risk level and export scale of the enterprise. The inspection and supervision of different inspection and supervision modes adopted by export enterprises is to build a scientifically efficient and convenient An important part of the new inspection and quarantine system of “in and out” is also an important measure to promote the rapid customs clearance of export enterprises and improve the pertinence of inspection and quarantine work, which is conducive to export enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

Under the leadership of the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Gold Mine Testing Center and the support of the group leaders, through the joint efforts of the company, our company successfully applied for the second class of commodity inspection.

The successful bidding of the second-class enterprises has greatly reduced the inspection and inspection rate of the export of ASTM A795 fire fighting pipe. From the ticket inspection to the current quarterly sampling inspection, the preparation time before the export of goods has been greatly shortened, and the export operation cost has been reduced. It will enable enterprises to have more time to strictly control quality, and also make enterprises take the initiative in the control of export shipping schedule. Our company implements the quality inspection system for commodity inspection, and is fully responsible for the export goods. There is no quality objection to the export commodities, no returns, all meet the production standards and requirements, and paved the way for continuing to bid for a class of enterprises! The article comes from www.steelsupplierchina.com

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