What factors have contributed to the price of underground fire protection piping?

Underground fire protection piping has seen its price rise sharply amid a strengthening cost, piping supply and piping stocks. Although the iron ore market does not have the room to soar, but the small rise in prices has continued.
In the most recent week, the underground fire protection piping price composite index stood at 109.92, up 5.21 percent. Recently, the price of black series futures has been rising strongly. The price of steel billet rose to 2,410 yuan driven by the rising coking coal and coke prices. The spot market price of fire sprinkler pipe also rose sharply. Current, steel rises in price intention is intense, the market clinchs a deal somewhat ameliorative, but unapt still achieve the degree of apparent let loose. Due to the easing of supply pressure in the later stage, the market inventory is at a low level, and the traders’ confidence in the afternoon market tends to be optimistic.
In the underground fire protection piping market, prices have accelerated. Shanghai, hangzhou, fuzhou and other places rose 40 yuan to 210 yuan a week across the board. As can be seen from Shanghai and other markets, the substantial increase in the spot price is mainly driven by the strengthening of the futures market, rising costs and other factors. Meanwhile, the terminal demand is relatively stable and the supply pressure is not too prominent.
In the board market, the overall price index rose more than 6 percent in a week. Hot rolled coil prices strongly pull up, Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou and other places ton prices rose by 70 yuan to 320 yuan a week across the board. In the beijing-tianjin-hebei market, the spot price rebounded strongly, and the specific implementation of the actual transaction situation, but the first half of the week has a volume of transactions, and the second half of the week as the price continues to go higher, the transaction has shrunk, market activity decreased. But the market as a whole is still on the rise. Plate prices rose significantly, Shanghai, nanjing, guangzhou and other places ton prices rose 100 yuan to 250 yuan a week across the board. The rise in spot prices has been driven by futures, rising costs and limited market resources.
The basic characteristic of iron ore market is to continue small rise. According to the latest report of the agency, in the domestic mining market, hebei region iron powder prices rose slightly. Some steel mills to increase the amount of domestic ore procurement, mining smooth delivery, prices rose slightly. Imported ore prices rose slightly in a row, with the 62 per cent grade iron ore index ending at $65.45 a tonne on Wednesday, up $1.30 for the week. However, the current iron ore port inventory is still at a high level, steel blast furnace operation rate has a downward trend, late iron ore prices are difficult to rise sharply.
Relevant institutions believe that although the current domestic steel market high risk is gathering, but in the short term, the price has a certain momentum to rush higher. How to maintain an appropriate rhythm between production and marketing is worth the attention of all parties in the steel industry chain.

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